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Picture of the day # 12

I’m taking over. This is picture of the day from the U.S.A.

Driving thru a Redwood Tree

Driving thru a Redwood Tree

In the USA you can get everything from a car. You can also do almost everything from a car. This car (with a guy on the inside), is doing a weird thing from a car. He is acutally driving through a tree. Well, it’s a redwood tree (they’re huge!), and it’s a constructed “Drive-thru-Redwood”. The point is, that this is just one of the things that americans can and will do from a car. Among many other things that I will publish as soon as the story sees light in a newspaper.


My first edition of the Borderlands project: Sorry for non-norwegians, but the text is unfortunately written in my native tongue. Translating is in progress:

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Picture of the day # 17

The Drug war of Ciudad Juarez doesn’t just kill cartel members. Also journalists that work on the subject are in serious threat. The local newspaper “El Diario de Juarez” lost both a journalist and a 20 year old photographer. This is the desk of the journalist.

Picture of the day # 16

Ciudad Juarez. The most violent city in the world, probably. More people gets killed in this city, than in both Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Mostly it’s cartel-related. The different drug cartels have their own war in this city, and the Mexican government have deployed both the military and the Federal Police to the city. Last year, the city saw 3075 murders, and so far this year the number is more than 400 people killed. This have made Juarez an empty city, with very few people on the streets.

An empty basketball field in Ciudad Juarez

Picture of the day # 15

The last two days was basically transport legs here down south. We started out from Tijuana on monday, and came to El Paso, Texas today. 1180 km was consumed in a Ford Explorer 4.0L 1994 these two days. Mostly we’ve been seeing things from the window of my car, so I’ll give you a picture from Arizona.

The funny thing of driving through Arizona is that they have right-wing extremist political radio here. It’s broadcast on the AM-frequencies, so you can listen to it through all of Arizona and New Mexico. It’s kind of funny listening to this angry guy on the radio, while you pass billboards with portraits of George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan – saying: “Do you miss me yet?” or “Remember real hope and real change?

Arizona, USA