About me

Håkon Jacobsen is 31 years old and is working as a multimedia journalist in NRK Nordland (National Broadcasting Service, Norway) . I recently finished studying a bachelors degree of photo journalistm at Oslo University College.

I recently came back from San Diego, CA, working on my biggest project till now. It’s called “Borderlands” and is about the US-Mexican border, and how it affects the people close to the border. The project is mostly about immigration issues, but also other issues concerning the border and the border fence.

This blog is the documentation and a general blog of my photojournalistic work. Former blogs by Håkon – you can read them here:

http://www.nada-web.com/nepal (norwegian)

http://www.eventyrrussland.no (norwegian)

More of my photographic work at:

www.fotojacobsen.no (portfolio/english)


  1. Bonnie February 22, 2011

    I have lived in San Diego my whole life.

    Read an article about you in the San Diego Union Tribune. I think your idea of writing a book on the walls that divide will be interesting. Looking forward to more entries from you.

  2. TOPO CARLOS Armando Lopez Sotura February 27, 2011

    Man send me your pictures and everyhting you are doing to follow up!!!!!

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